Why Harper Wilde founders decided to be co-CEOs

harper wilde
Jane Fisher (L) and Jenna Kerner, cofounders and co-CEOs of Harper Wilde.
Harper Wilde

Are two CEOs higher than one?

That’s a big gamble Jenna Kerner and Jane Fisher are keen to take.

Kerner and Fisher are the cofounders and co-CEOs of Harper Wilde, a direct-to-consumer bra startup that goals to make purchasing for intimate attire simpler for ladies.

The pair met in 2015 as graduate college students on the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, and inside a 12 months had been drawing up the idea for his or her enterprise.

The two entrepreneurs realized early on they excelled at completely different areas of operating a enterprise — for Kerner, it was managing a web site, person expertise, and branding; for Fisher, it was designing the bodily product and managing operations. Their complementary pursuits gave method to their eventual determination to run the corporate collectively.

“That was remarkable and fortuitous, and really set the stage for how we would craft our roles later on in a co-CEO capacity,” Kerner informed Business Insider.

The co-CEOS launched Harper Wilde in 2017, and in 2018 secured $2 million in seed funding from the Silicon Valley enterprise capital agency CRV.

But not everybody was on board with their dual-CEO construction. The entrepreneurs stated their thought confronted criticism initially, they usually had been turned down by an investor who was skeptical the 2 leaders may coexist collectively.

“We had a lot of people, professors and just generally investors who said that’s not a sustainable way to structure your partnership,” Fisher stated. “But really what it came down to was what we knew worked best for the two of us.”

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Kerner and Fisher stated they’re open and sincere with traders about their partnership, which Fisher in contrast to a wedding.

“When you think about marriages generally, in real life, no one comes in and says, ‘Hey, no matter what you two are like, no matter your background, no matter what your relationship is like, this is the one way you two should function,'” Fisher stated.

“It’s so dependent on how the two of you work together and what works well for you. And a lot of what’s implicit in ‘No, you can’t be co-CEOs’ is that two people can’t work as equals and it actually work out. That there must be some kind of tension between the two of you.”

Harper Wilde is way from the primary firm to have two CEOs. Major tech firms like Salesforce and Oracle each have two CEOs, as does the eyewear retail startup Warby Parker.

On the opposite hand, firms resembling Chipotle, Whole Foods,and Deutsche Bank all lately deserted their dual-CEO setups. All three firms had been criticized for his or her management buildings, and within the latter two instances, firm shares jumped instantly after appointing a sole CEO.

But having two CEOs can present some distinctive benefits. Each of the CEOs has full decision-making authority over their areas of experience “90% to 95% of the time,” they stated, however they seek the advice of one another on main strategic selections and once they merely want one other pair of eyes on an issue.

“When we bring it to the other person, they’re kind of able to step back and see the forest for the trees, and have a higher-level perspective,” Kerner stated. “I think we each offer that to the other person because we’re less in the weeds in that particular business area, and that has given us a lot of balance.”

Fisher added: “The way we work is as equal partners. And I can’t imagine not having a true equal coming to the table on all the decisions we’re making every step of the way, good and bad.”

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