Who Was Runaround Sue? Dion In His Own Words

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this interview sequence with 60s rocker Dion DiMucci, we mentioned the 1959 airplane crash that killed Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens, crooner Del Shannon and the tune “The Wanderer.” Here, in Part three, Dion tells us who Runaround Sue actually is and explains the British Invasion, or what he calls the British Infusion.

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Jim Clash: In doing my analysis, I’ve seen completely different accounts of who Runaround Sue is in real-life. Your spouse is called Sue. On Oprah, she as soon as stated it was about her. Who is it actually written about?

Dion DiMucci: It’s all in line with what day you get me on [laughs]. I prefer to have enjoyable with folks. Actually, it’s form of a combination. My spouse would like to assume it’s about her, as a result of she thinks it will be nice for her picture. It actually is a few woman who was form of unfastened within the neighborhood. The phrase Sue simply match for the track – you couldn’t use Roberta, or Alice, or no matter. I’m not going to say who it’s actually about, however between you and I, the woman referred to as in to an interview present I used to be on about 20 years in the past. She had married a rabbi, had six children and sounded fantastic! And I believed how good it was to listen to from her, you already know. Chalk it as much as being younger and silly, loads of younger persons are, however she turned out fantastic. But thanks for the track [laughs].

Clash: The British Invasion of the mid-60s. Did you see it coming?

DiMucci: I do know they name it the British Invasion, however musically I name it the British Infusion. I used to be listening to [American artists] Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker. When the Rolling Stones began throwing a few of these blues issues again, man, I knew the place they had been coming from. They had been steeped in what I grew up on. The solely distinction was I could not go to the Brooklyn Fox and sing like Mick Jagger: ‘Hey babe, I would like you to know, what I am doing honey’ [laughs]. They would have killed me. Are you kidding? I’d’ve felt like an fool.

The rock icon Dion DiMucci at this time.Courtesy of Dion DiMucci

I do not know, it was the occasions and Jagger was British – he may do it. And it sounded pure. I used to be enjoying with Chuck Berry, who appeared like an English trainer. Did you ever take heed to his data? He pronounces each phrase. So I could not sing like Mick Jagger, not that I wished to.

I learn Keith Richards’ e-book. I did not prefer it, however there are three chapters – 5, six and 7, I feel – which can be freaking over-the-top epic. He talks concerning the music. I’ve by no means seen somebody clarify it like that. Thelonious Monk as soon as stated, “talking about music is like dancing about architecture.” How do you speak about music? But Richards did. And he did it effectively. You may see why they had been so good. They listened to a Jimmy Reed file for one week straight!

Clash: Well, Cream, the primary supergroup from Great Britain, lined quite a few American blues artists.

DiMucci: Do you already know who Robert Johnson is [Crossroads]? I heard Robert Johnson manner earlier than I heard about Eric Clapton.

[Editor’s Note: In future parts of this interview series, Dion talks about his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in 1989 and how he got off of drugs and alcohol. He also plays a rock-and-roll word association game and discusses a new play about his life and music to open in New York this coming spring. Stay tuned to the Forbes channel.]

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