When The Times First Says It, This Twitter Bot Tracks It

Words associated to social traits have a tendency to seek out success on the account, significantly those who mirror social media itself. The bot’s followers have gone wild, for instance, for verminfluencers, kidfluencers, fitfluencers and small-time influencers of each the micro- and nano- varieties.

Ranked by reputation, the Times music reporter Joe Coscarelli’s use of “deadass” got here second solely to the presidential profanity, with four,500 retweets and 16,000 favorites.

“‘Deadass’ is the perfect ‘NYT First’ because it’s quintessential New York slang that has transcended thanks to the geographical flattening facilitated by the internet,” Mr. Coscarelli wrote in an e mail. “It lets people feel like they’re part of an edgy insider’s club but is also mainstream enough to be widely relatable.”

(Mr. Coscarelli additionally wished to credit score the pop star Billie Eilish, the topic of the article through which the phrase appeared. He described her as “a teenager who uses ‘deadass’ way more than I do and is responsible for this virality and basically all virality.”)

The account’s followers are inclined to take particular pleasure when it information a “naughty” phrase, Mr. Bittker stated, probably due to the distinction it strikes with The Times’s buttoned-up popularity. That “Old Gray Lady” picture can also be why he selected The Times, somewhat than one other publication, for the undertaking.

“There’s a lot of scatological things that will be popular, and they’re never my favorites, because I don’t want it to just be a swear bot that’s funny because it swears,” Mr. Bittker stated. His personal tastes run to the scientific: “I really love when it’s the name of some dinosaur or mega-bird.”

Mr. Bittker additionally speculated sense of cultural celebration drove the recognition of lots of the bot’s tweets. Words regarding meals and L.G.B.T.Q. points, as an illustration, are inclined to do nicely. “When some cuisine or dish is passing into the mainstream American consciousness and having its moment, people really like to celebrate that,” he stated.

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