What’s on TV Tuesday: ‘The People Versus the Party’ and ‘Only One Mike’

TIANANMEN: THE PEOPLE VERSUS THE PARTY (2019) 9 p.m. on PBS (examine native listings). Earlier this month 1000’s of Hong Kong residents started marching towards a invoice that may enable extraditions to the mainland. The timing of the demonstrations makes them ever stronger: This month marks the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square bloodbath, when Chinese troops unleashed their firepower on a throng of protesters in Beijing who had been calling for democracy in the Communist nation. This new documentary revisits the seven weeks that led as much as the killings and maps out how a peaceable, student-led motion resulted in unthinkable carnage. The director Ian MacMillan weaves archival footage with testimony from protesters, witnesses and Communist Party insiders who watched the tragedy unfold.

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