What’s on TV Thursday: ‘Edge of Democracy’ and ‘Riviera’

THE EDGE OF DEMOCRACY (2019) Stream on Netflix. In this documentary, the filmmaker Petra Costa grapples with and chronicles the triumph of left-wing politics — and then authoritarian politics — in Brazil. From the attitude of the current, she covers the presidencies and eventual falls of the left-leaning Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff and the rise of Brazil’s present president, the outspoken populist Jair Bolsonaro. “Though she is a scrupulous and dogged digger-up of hidden facts and a thoughtful interpreter of public events, Costa hasn’t produced a work of objective journalism or detached historical scholarship so much as a personal reckoning with her nation’s past and present,” A.O. Scott wrote in his evaluate for The New York Times. “The facts and arguments she communicates should be studied by anyone interested in the fate of democracy,” he famous, “in Brazil or anywhere else.”

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