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Concealed weapons. Armed confrontation.

They’re not tropes of a gangland film, however what Jenny Lai has had to take care of in her 25 years of follow as a lawyer — divorce lawyer, to be actual.

Within the confines of a sterile workplace, it’s laborious to think about such excessive drama happening, however maybe it comes with the territory.

In a job the place folks’s emotions are at stake and feelings run excessive, issues can get ugly.

Jenny, who specialises in household and conveyancing legislation, has seen greater than 2,500 divorce circumstances this 12 months, which is a median of about 400 in a month. “It’s quite a lot,” she says.

Couples in Singapore can get divorced if they have been married for at the least three years.

She explains: “There’s only one ground for divorce, that your marriage has broken down irretrievably. But there are five facts, and you choose one.”

For the curious, these are the details:

  • Adultery, the place “sexual penetration must be proven”
  • Unreasonable behaviour (“improper association with the opposite sex, gambling, excessive smoking, etc.”)
  • Desertion of two years, the place you do not know the place the opposite occasion is
  • Separation of three years, with consent required for divorce, and
  • Separation of 4 years, the place consent is just not required

And with know-how, getting legally separated is now simpler. In reality, one may even DIY “if you’re confident enough” of navigating the paperwork, says Jenny. “The forms are all on the website (of the family justice courts)”.

We converse to the 50-year-old authorized skilled to achieve some perception on what it takes to be a divorce lawyer in Singapore, apart from the same old paper .


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It could also be stating the plain, however legal professionals want to have a degree head on their shoulders.

Recounted Jenny: “In my early years, there was a shopper who requested me, how will you be so impassive in entrance of me once I’m sobbing away, and I am so torn by this divorce.

“So I informed her, if I have been to begin feeling the way in which you’re – so sobby, so disoriented, I won’t be able to execute your work successfully and effectively.

“I think as responsible lawyers, and as responsible divorce lawyers, one should always distance themselves and keep calm.”

She has not misplaced her cool but on a divorce case, she says, however she’s come shut.

It was at her personal shopper, whom she admitted was being unreasonable, and solely “out to squeeze her husband of every cent”. 

”I didn’t raise my voice with her, but I was very firm and adamant,” stated Jenny of the case.

Has she all the time been in a position to be so emotionally distant?

She lets on that she’s been requested whether or not her skilled manner carries over into her private life.

Tellingly, Jenny says: “Sometimes, my husband tells me that I’m very cold.”


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Jenny has come face-to-face with secret society members wielding weapons in her workplace, though not all hostile circumstances stem from divorce.

But she’s additionally had to face threats from shoppers and their spouses as properly, who threaten her with bodily hurt.

“There was once I made a (police) report, because a client (who refused to pay his legal fees) wanted to set fire on me, he said. His exact words.”

He was let off with a stern warning after police investigated.

She added: “I all the time inform (those that get aggressive), I am not the third occasion, I did not break up your marriage. When your spouse or husband got here to see me, the wedding was already damaged.

“I’m just there to help you all close it up, smoothly, quickly and with less pain to both parties. So they change their tone,” she shared.

Her husband, who turned slightly cautious after her run-in with the gangsters, “started to put soft weapons around the office” –  not that she’s ever wanted them.

Jenny recounted a critical altercation a number of years in the past involving a lawyer from a neighbouring legislation agency.

“He represented the spouse and obtained hit by the husband on the attention (exterior the workplace).

“He had to get a corneal transplant as a result and stopped going to court because his vision didn’t really recover.”

Jenny added: “We are in a very precarious position, I must say, for divorce lawyers.”

But it’ll take greater than bullies and threats to hold her from doing her job. 

Said Jenny: “It’s a difficult career and I benefit from the problem. 

“It is a satisfying job because you help your clients to settle their problems.”

The solely factor which might make her give up, could be “if my health or mind does not permit it”.


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When requested what an vital trait to successfully accomplish what she does is, she says endurance is vital.

Not least due to demanding shoppers, who “need you to update them all the time”. And she makes positive to hold them knowledgeable of each improvement.

Patience comes in additionally as a result of not solely are they coping with folks, “you’re handling people’s problems and shouldering them”.

And with that, the times are lengthy and nights typically fraught with fear.

“I truly do get up in the nighttime considering ‘have I accomplished this, have I accomplished that’, ‘is that this a greater manner for my shopper’.

“The job doesn’t really leave you.”

Not surprisingly, it was her endurance that led her on the trail to turning into a lawyer in the primary place.

After her A ranges, Jenny was struck with single-minded dedication to examine abroad, similar to her classmate — who occurred to be former Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong’s daughter.

“She was going abroad, so I told my father, I’d like to go abroad too, because I think it’s something good. If it’s something good for her I think it’s something good for me,” she recounted merely.

The British pound then was 4 to 5 occasions the Singapore foreign money. “It was a lot of money,” stated Jenny.

Another problem? The college time period was beginning and everybody had already submitted their purposes.

The National Junior College alum then attended a college honest, patiently ready her flip for a professor to converse together with her.

“I waited for him to finish with everyone before I asked my questions, simply because I thought mine would be a very complex case. So I stood there for a very long time.”

Struck by her tenacity, when it ultimately got here to her flip, the professor informed her: “Because you’re very patient, let me make a call back to London tonight and ask can they take you in for first year”.

And they did. Within a couple of months, she was in England.

Her first few days there have been spent sightseeing with a gaggle that included native thespian Adrian Pang, who was additionally a freshman at Keele University.

Because it was her “virgin trip” to a brand new nation, her dad and mom didn’t permit her to make the journey up alone, “so I asked them if I could tag along”.

“I was the typical country bumpkin. At 18, what do I know, I didn’t know anything.”

But it was in England, staying on campus, that Jenny stated she brushed up on her English, which she admitted was “not very good” on the time.

Following her professor’s remark that the majority international college students learn Law and Economics “because they were moneymaking”, Jenny did the identical, ultimately graduating with a double main.

Within two years of turning into a lawyer, Jenny arrange her personal follow.

But her journey to skilled success is tinged with some remorse.

“My father had to elevate the cash (for me to go to legislation faculty).

“It was tough, as a result of he had 4 kids. After elevating his kids he obtained most cancers and handed on. I believe he was too stressed.

“It’s something I cannot forgive myself for. I can afford the best for him now but he’s not around,” says Jenny, her cool exterior cracking for the primary time throughout our interview.


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Despite the benefit of divorce, Jenny believes the D-word should not be seen as the straightforward manner out.

“I think as a responsible lawyer, if you feel that the marriage hasn’t truly ended, and there’s a hope of reconciliation, you always advise your clients on the availability of counselling and mediation and see if they can try to patch things up,” says Jenny.

But that perception as soon as backfired on her.

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Jenny came upon potential shopper had sought different authorized recommendation as a result of she could not perceive why she stored urging her to go for counselling.

One factor she’s satisfied about although, is divorce is just between two events and nobody else.

“No third party should ever tell another party that they should go for a divorce, not even a lawyer, because they don’t really know what happens (in a marriage).”


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