This is New York City’s most disgusting subway car

This is ‘litter-ally’ the most vile subway car in New York City.

Repugnant video posted to Facebook on Tuesday exhibits a prepare on the two/5 line on Allerton Avenue Bronx that appears like it will be much more at dwelling within the Fresh Kill’s landfill.

Mushrooming mounds of trash — newspapers, plastic luggage, and discarded bottles, wrappers, private belongings — carpet almost half the car, because the handful of passengers appear oblivious to the revolting situations

“This how the trains be looking in the morning. This s–t is crazy,” says Instagram consumer @boyboi_tru_shine, who recorded the squalid scene. “They want us to pay more money? Look at this.”

“This s–t make you not want to sit on trains and all that,” he continues, panning the digicam throughout the disgusting car.

Longtime rail rider Curtis Sliwa, the founding father of the Guardian Angels, was aghast.

“I’ve never seen it this bad in 40 years,” a surprised Sliwa admitted to the Post.

The video ends because the cameraman makes a plea to transit officers.

“MTA y’all gotta do something, y’all gotta do better,” he says.

The MTA didn’t instantly return a request for remark.

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