The Impeachment Trial Descends Into a Note-Passing Party, Trevor Noah Says

“It can be anything they want, as long as they write it down. For instance, Senator Capito asked, ‘When did Ukraine learn that the aid was frozen?’ Senator Peters asked, ‘Does impeachment require a criminal violation?’ And Ted Cruz asked, ‘Does this look infected to you?’” — TREVOR NOAH

“No wonder this thing takes 16 hours. The senators are communicating through note-passing like they’re back in middle school. That’s what that was. ‘Senator McConnell has a question for Adam Schiff: Will you go to the dance with Sheila? Yes, no, maybe.’” — TREVOR NOAH

“The whole process makes no sense. If the senators have a question, why not let them ask the question? Or if chief justice is going to have to read it out, then he should at least have to do an impression of the senator who asked the question. Then it makes it fun.” — TREVOR NOAH

“For most of the day, senators just asked questions to their own side that gave them another chance to repeat their talking points. Democrats asked, ‘Donald Trump is guilty, isn’t he?’ And Republicans asked, ‘What is it that makes Donald Trump so innocent and handsome?’” — TREVOR NOAH

“It was like an episode of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“It got awkward when Roberts was like, ‘O.K., next question: Why is John Roberts such a wang? Oh come on, guys, grow up!’” — JIMMY FALLON

“And the official card senators had to fill out to ask a question — look at this thing. It looks like the card you fill out before singing karaoke.” — JIMMY FALLON

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