Sorry, You Won’t Be Hovering Over Paris Anytime Soon

Over the weekend, a video of a person gliding over Paris on a tiny platform supplied the web a little bit of unifying delight.

As President Emmanuel Macron of France applauded alongside different attendees on the Bastille Day parade, the person gracefully soared and dipped, clutching a rifle.

Thousands on social media requested: Who was he? A soldier? What is that flying board? Can I’ve one for Christmas?

Quick solutions: He was not a soldier. He was Franky Zapata, knowledgeable Jet Ski racer and inventor; he was driving a creation of his known as the Flyboard Air; and no, chances are you’ll not.

So will you ever be capable to fly to work or college? Don’t depend on it. But expertise will not be the first concern, specialists say. Here’s what’s accountable on your low-altitude life:

No, expertise will not be the one concern. But we can’t ignore it altogether. For greater than 100 years, inventors have been promising, “You’ll just have to wait until the day after tomorrow and you’ll be flying in your car,” stated Andrew Glass, the writer of “Flying Cars: The True Story.” And for nearly as long, flying adventurers have delighted crowds with their jet suits and rocket belts.

The challenges to turning these devices into something that a wide group of people can safely use include weight, cost and ease of use.

There’s an inherent tension in designing a car that can also fly. While lighter is better for flying, a car that is too light is unsafe for the road, Mr. Glass said.

Yaddiel Rodriguez, the manager of Luquillo Flyboard in Puerto Rico, said that most customers manage to fly 15 feet into the air their first time. Eventually, they get to 50. No, it won’t get most people to work, but the more important point is that you feel “like you’re in a movie,” he said.

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