Review: ‘Luzia’ Revives the Cirque du Soleil Spell

Nowadays, it’s straightforward to dismiss Cirque du Soleil as a slick company leisure machine. The ubiquitous Canadian behemoth retains cranking out new productions and recycling older ones, and you may catch them both on tour or at sit-down residencies — proper now there are six Cirque exhibits in Las Vegas, as an illustration, and 11 extra on the highway.

One of these, “Luzia,” has simply landed in New York City, subsequent to Citi Field, for a spell. After enduring a number of misfires, I believed I used to be Cirque’d out, however this outing is a bracing reminder that when the firm is at the prime of its sport — and “Luzia” could be very a lot peak Cirque — you perceive the way it has so efficiently straddled artwork and enterprise all these years.

Not only is “Luzia” presented mostly in the round, but the staging area incorporates dual turntables that allow the audience to watch some acts from different angles. This makes for an especially eye-popping result during the final number, in which nine equilibrists take turns jumping to and from a pair of huge swings — at times it feels as if they are going to take off over our heads. I’ve seen this type of act before, but the constantly shifting perspective refreshes this particular iteration.

Innovations abound. An act that involves diving through hoops is done on a giant treadmill placed on a turntable; a waterfall splashing down the center of the stage is beautiful on its own, but its spouts can also be orchestrated at such a minute level that it’s as if some demigod hiding in the rafters is shaping the liquid. A number involving a couple of Cyr wheels, the heavy rings performers stand inside of, and a trapeze would be merely just fine in any other context, but here it takes place in the rain, because why not?

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