New York City Cracks Down on CBD Edibles, Saying the Cannabis Derivative Is Unsafe

Eventually, the health inspectors grabbed the restaurant’s CBD edibles, raw cookie dough and the CBD powder that Fat Cat Kitchen used for baking, and tossed them into a plastic bag, she said. They stapled it shut, told the restaurant that its CBD products were “embargoed” and left the bag at the restaurant.

Though health department officials had been to the restaurant on two previous occasions while it was selling CBD, last week’s visit was the first time they had asked about CBD, Ms. Holm said.

“It just seemed so random and arbitrary to me,” she said. “And it was really difficult getting answers as to what the exact issue is.”

Ms. Holm said she hoped the health department would change its policy. In the meantime, she was frustrated by what she viewed as poor communication around the issue and a general lack of clarity around the policy.

“Now, just out of the blue, they’re just going to randomly embargo restaurants’ products? I just don’t feel like it was done properly,” she said.

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