Michael Kors: Coming Soon to a Broadway Theater Near You

On a latest Tuesday night, the road outdoors “Ain’t Too Proud,” the Broadway musical in regards to the R&B supergroup the Temptations, snaked across the block. Many ticket holders fretted over whether or not they can be admitted earlier than it began, however not Michael Kors.

He stood in line patiently along with his husband, Lance Le Pere, enjoying I Spy a Celebrity. Jessica Lange was up forward, making her means inside. A girl in a pink coat stepped out of a automotive; Mr. Kors recognized her as “Liza Minnelli’s best friend.”

“Her husband was like the disco dentist,” he mentioned. “Everyone at Studio 54 went to him.”

Mr. Kors, 59, who constructed a multi-billion-dollar enterprise off his beige off-the-shoulder sweaters, child blue skirts and “Project Runway” witticisms, had on his traditional outfit: a black trench coat, black sweater, classic gold Ray-Ban sun shades and a pair of Levi’s, which he wore with New Balance sneakers.

Mr. Le Pere, 48, had on an Ami windbreaker, Michael Kors T-shirt and Levi’s denims.

In February and September, the couple’s lives are dominated by the style week calendar. During Tonys season, they stunning a lot stay on the theater.

“We love it,” Mr. Kors said. “Obsessed.”

“There’s nothing like it,” Mr. Le Pere said. “She’s amazing,” he added, referring to Michelle Williams, who plays Verdon.

“Amazing,” said Mr. Kors.

“He’s brilliant,” Mr. Le Pere said, referring to Sam Rockwell, who plays Fosse.

“Brilliant,” Mr. Kors said. “Every part is done so amazingly.”

Nevertheless, Mr. Kors made it clear that he and Mr. Le Pere do not see themselves as theater queens.

So what if they saw recent Broadway productions of “Mary Poppins” and “Hello Dolly” four times each? Or made sure to catch the Roundabout Theater’s production of “Cabaret” three times: first with Michelle Williams playing Sally Bowles, then with Emma Stone in the role and finally with Ms. Stone’s replacement, Sienna Miller.

“We’re experience groupies,” Mr. Kors said.

To prove the point, Mr. Kors listed other things he and Mr. Le Pere have done recently, including trips to Las Vegas (to catch Cher at Caesar’s Palace) and MetLife Stadium (to see Beyoncé, despite torrential downpours). “We would have stayed til 2 a.m. if we had to,” Mr. Kors said.

As Mr. Kors sees it, “getting out and having your eyes and your ears and your senses open to something other than your own fashion world” is essential to the creative process.

“How do you possibly design things for human beings if you’re not part of the human world?” he said.

He is aware that most fashion people take fashion incredibly seriously. That mostly annoys him. “Have fun,” he said.

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