Michael Cohen Depicts a Life More Like ‘The Sopranos’ Than ‘The Apprentice’

Indeed, although Mr. Cohen was solely dropped at testify as a result of Democrats had taken management of the home, among the most hanging exchanges had been with the Republicans. It was Mr. Trump’s previous assault canine in opposition to his new pack.

And oh, was the barking loud. Mostly ignoring Mr. Cohen’s particular prices, the Republicans as a substitute painted him as disgruntled, untrustworthy and out for himself (the phrase “book deal” was uttered extra occasions than in a literary agent’s workplace), whereas signaling to the voters at dwelling that they’d be zealous in defending the president.

Representative Jim Jordan, quarterbacking the Republican case in shirt sleeves, taunted Mr. Cohen for being jealous of not being “brought to the dance” with a White House job. Representative Mark Green channeled Mr. Trump by calling Mr. Cohen a “fake witness.” Representative Paul Gosar scolded, “Liar, liar, pants on fire,” bringing a poster in case his oratory was too refined.

Mr. Cohen, who started his remarks wrung-out and drained, confirmed the combativeness that had saved him on the Trump payroll. When Representative Mark Meadows rebutted Mr. Cohen’s prices of racism by having a lone African-American Trump official, Lynne Patton, stand silently behind him, Mr. Cohen stated to ask her what number of black executives the Trump Organization employed.

Toward the top of the listening to, that scene got here up once more, when Representative Rashida Tlaib denounced the spectacle as “racist.” Mr. Meadows, who’s white, took offense, citing his friendship with the committee chairman, Representative Elijah Cummings, who’s black, and who stepped in to calm the scenario. It all appeared like a mini improv drama on the messy personal-racial dynamics of “Green Book” America.

Other occasions, Mr. Cohen copped to his flaws in a method that appeared to frustrate his questioners. “You called Donald Trump a cheat in your opening testimony. What would you call yourself?” Representative James Comer requested him. “A fool,” Mr. Cohen stated.

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