Letter to the editor: Do the math – firearms are a public health risk

I occur to be in favor of affordable gun management to cut back firearm deaths on this nation, however that’s not why I’m penning this letter.

I simply completed studying a letter to the editor in at the moment’s paper (“Maine Voices author exaggerates threat posed by guns,” May 26). The creator’s argument appears to be that since there are practically as many firearm deaths in Massachusetts as in Idaho, individuals are no extra at risk from firearms in Idaho than in Massachusetts. I don’t discover this argument to be persuasive.

There are many instances extra overweight individuals in China than there are in the Cook Islands. This doesn’t imply the Cook Islanders are off the hook for weight problems: Fifty-six p.c of grownup Cook Islanders are overweight, whereas solely 6.2 p.c of grownup Chinese are overweight. This obvious discrepancy is due to the incontrovertible fact that there are extra individuals in China than there are in the Cook Islands; look it up.

Massachusetts’ inhabitants is almost 4 instances larger than Idaho’s. The reality is that the loss of life charge from firearms in Idaho is over four.four instances larger than it’s in Massachusetts. Stated one other means, in Idaho, the place there’s a a lot greater charge of gun possession, a particular person is over 4 instances as seemingly to be killed with a gun as that particular person is in Massachusetts.

If you don’t perceive numbers, don’t strive to use them to persuade. If you do perceive numbers, don’t use them to mislead.

Bob Arledge


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