In Seattle, Creating Community by Collecting Art and Artists

SEATTLE — Shaun Kardinal, 36, doesn’t know the place he’d match one other piece of artwork in his one-bedroom residence, which is bursting already with greater than 100 works.

“Art tends to find the nooks and crannies for things to happen,” he mentioned. Mr. Kardinal’s assortment was born of the inventive group he has tapped into since his early days working at a body store.

The objects he identified in a go to to his Seattle dwelling chronicle his 18 years there: There’s a colored-pencil drawing of him and his cat by Troy Gua; a portray by a neighbor of her toilet, which is equivalent to his; and a number of items acquired by way of trades with artists he has befriended over time. Now he’s the lead net developer at Civilization, a design studio, and has made a reputation for himself as a conceptual artist, particularly together with his embroidered postcards.

These are edited excerpts from our dialog.

Which was the primary piece that made you are feeling like a collector?

What about for people who are not yet part of an arts community? Where do they start?

I feel like there’s a little barrier in there, but there’s always a way to get in. Get a publication like an arts weekly that tells you where to go. Look for neighborhood art walks. Introduce yourself to the artists, ask them questions. Those artists will want to talk about the work. Those galleries will have a payment plan. The opportunities to wind your way down a path toward an affordable piece are absolutely there.

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