How the $2.2 billion astrology industry boomed during the pandemic

  • During the coronavirus pandemic, the astrology enterprise has been booming.
  • The industry was already on the rise, and, with every day life so altered and unclear, extra individuals are turning to astrologers for readability and steering.
  • Insider spoke with 5 astrologers and the CEO of an astrology firm about the enterprise of decoding the stars during a pandemic.
  • Astrologers say they’ve seen large will increase in demand, booked-up schedules, and extra folks than ever making an attempt to find out about their craft.
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Let’s begin with the excellent news, straight from the stars.

“2021 will be a lot better.”

That’s per Jade Sykes, 23 (who’s a Leo solar, Leo moon). She’s simply considered one of the astrologers who has seen enterprise growth during 2020. She additionally occurs to be the private astrologer to singers SZA and Kehlani.

Insider spoke with 5 astrologers, lots of whom have been a little bit bit extra astrologically optimistic about 2021. A typical chorus this 12 months is that just about something can be higher than 2020. But all of them mentioned 2020 has been a great 12 months for the astrology enterprise.

In a 12 months economically and cosmically like no different, astrology appears to be considered one of the industries that is seen substantial good points. Amidst the uncertainty of a worldwide pandemic, a crumbling financial system, and a few homicide hornets, individuals are searching for readability. 

Astrologers are feeling the outcomes

Sykes has seen a progress in demand for her providers, the place she solutions questions that shoppers pose. Her Patreon, the place she costs $9.98 a month, has taken off — she has three,820 subscribers — and he or she has over 100,000 followers on her social media channels. She’s planning on providing six-hour chart studying classes for $998 quickly.


Astrologer Jade Sykes.

Jade Sykes

Veteran astrologer Samuel Reynolds, who’s been working towards for over 30 years (his solar is in Scorpio, his moon is in Leo, and his rising is Pisces), mentioned that he often has 5 to 6 college students in his digital newbie’s astrology class. This time round, he had 30 college students — and needed to rent a instructing assistant for the first time. 

Reynolds mentioned that he is often booked about two weeks out. But as of mid-December, he is booked by means of March.

Ross Clark (Leo solar, Capricorn moon, Scorpio rising), the CEO of buzzy astrology app Sanctuary, informed Business Insider that the app has seen “real growth” with its paid choices in 2020. And it isn’t simply new customers: there’s additionally “a real deepening of engagement on the retention side.”

ross color 5

Ross Clark.

Ross Clark

And astrologer, writer, and educator Kirah Tabourn (a Scorpio solar, Aries moon) truly made astrology her full-time job at the begin of March. She simply hit 20,000 followers on Instagram — up from round 5,000 in June. She mentioned she’s performed about 400 readings this 12 months alone.

The main will increase may be restricted to astrologers who provide extra individualized providers (like private readings). Legendary astrologer Susan Miller (who will not expose her solar and moon, since she thinks it takes focus from readers) informed Insider that enterprise has remained regular this 12 months. She attributes that to the indisputable fact that she’s already “big,” and her viewers of thousands and thousands continues to stay round.

“It’s steady. And thank God for that. I have people to pay,” she mentioned.

But she did launch an app over the summer season; she mentioned it is too early to know precisely how effectively it has been doing, however it “looks like it’s doing great.”

Other astrologers are additionally launching new merchandise: Celebrity astrologer Chani Nicholas introduced at this time she’s launching her personal app (she additionally retains her solar and moon non-public). Tabourn, the astrologer who went full-time in March, launched her personal paid membership neighborhood.

Astrology on the rise

Astrology as a enterprise did not simply come out of nowhere in 2020. It was already an industry on the rise, accelerated this 12 months by the confusion and life-altering circumstances of the pandemic. 

As Insider’s Barbara Smith beforehand reported, income for astrology apps grew to almost $40 million in 2019 — a 64% enhance, based on knowledge from SensorTower. Per IBISWorld, “mystical services” grew by 1.four% from 2016 to 2019. The industry as a complete is value $2.2 billion.

From March 15 to 21, the time period “coronavirus astrology” spiked on Google Trends; “Astrology” itself has remained excessive all through the 12 months, and grown in recognition all through the previous month. 

Nicholas, who has been working towards astrology for 20 years and has been a full-time astrologer for the previous seven years, mentioned that she’s seen “steady growth” over the course of her enterprise.

Chani Nicholas author photo (credit Luke Fontana) .JPG

Chani Nicholas.

Luke Fontana

One large growth got here in 2016, following “collective crisis.” That sentiment was echoed in a 2019 New Yorker piece, “Astrology in the Age of Uncertainty,” though 2019’s uncertainty might really feel considerably quaint as of late. 

Nicholas mentioned that, all through the 12 months, she’s seen elevated curiosity in workshops and common astrological data.

“I think just naturally, because of the conditions that we’re in, it led to people being perhaps a little bit more open or curious as to what other people were saying about why we’re in the moment that we’re in,” she mentioned.

What folks need to know

If you had been listening to the astrology of 2020, you’ll have saved an in depth eye on January’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Several astrologers Insider spoke to highlighted the significance of the conjunction. 

The final time we had one was at the begin of the AIDS epidemic; it additionally, based on Nicholas, aligned with the Bubonic Plague.

But whereas a destabilizing pandemic might have prompted extra folks to hunt out astrology, their issues weren’t essentially virus-related.

“What I expected was people asking specifically about things related to COVID-19, ‘Am I going to get it, am I sick?’ Things I really didn’t feel comfortable answering and wouldn’t have really answered,” Reynolds mentioned. “But I only got one question like that.”


Samuel Reynolds.

Samuel Reynolds

Instead, Reynolds mentioned his shoppers have been extra “reflective.” Stuck at residence, they started to mirror on their relationships with their households, vital others, and careers. He’s gotten little or no panic from these searching for out his providers.

“I think people have been dealing with deep seated reflection, and they’re primed for more  change,” he mentioned.

Sykes mentioned that the largest query amongst her shoppers is their careers. That’s nonetheless its personal type of reflection.

“What we do, instead of pinpointing exact and precise careers — I’m not saying that it can’t be done, but it is more difficult — is we tell the client what they need to have in their career in order to feel satisfied,” she mentioned. 

So will 2021 truly be higher?

Tabourn says that the astrological forecast for 2021 is “less intense.” Per Sykes, we should always anticipate a growth in the tech industry and inventory market. 

But the most attention-grabbing interval of all needs to be from mid-May to July. Tabourn, Nicholas, and Reynolds all highlighted these months as notably astrologically related.

Reynolds mentioned we’ll nonetheless be coping with the fallout of the pandemic in the first quarter of the 12 months, and there’ll nonetheless be some unrest to cope with as effectively. 

And during that point, issues is perhaps trying up, based on Nicholas. 

“It feels like either something really good happens with the economy, or perhaps we have enough vaccines at that point to feel like we have a little bit more freedom, but there’s something that feels relaxing and helpful and open — and, dare I say it — maybe even joyous around mid-May to end of July.”

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