How Russell Crowe Channeled Roger Ailes in ‘The Loudest Voice’

“I’ve had over time lots of experience in prosthetic — I mean, look at ‘Cinderella Man’: fake ears, fake nose, widow’s peak, all that — but I’ve never done this,” Crowe stated. “That was hard to stand on the brink of and look at and realize, this is going to be very difficult.”

Transformation full, Crowe stated he merely tried to play Ailes as honestly as attainable. No one is the villain of his personal life story, which for Crowe meant making the deeply polarizing Ailes the hero of his narrative.

“I can’t make the judgment call and play the character at the same time,” Crowe stated. “I can have my own opinions, but I can’t portray Roger from an outside perspective. I have to play it from the internal perspective and how he views himself.”

However Ailes considered himself, Fox’s view of him appeared to vary in a single day. In a sudden fall as salacious because the flashy, tabloid-style journalism he and Murdoch helped popularize, Ailes was ousted in shame from the community he created, the topic of a number of sexual harassment accusations. One lady who labored for him, Laurie Luhn (performed in the sequence by Annabelle Wallis), accused him of blackmailing her into greater than 20 years of virtual psychological and sexual enslavement. (Ailes denied all of the accusations.)

“It’s not like power corrupted him; he corrupted power,” Watts stated. “We can’t just say absolute power is awful to anyone. I mean, look at Lincoln.”

For all of the worthwhile noise Ailes made throughout his profession, he was undone by a refrain of long-silenced voices that in the end proved too loud for even the top of Fox News to shout down. “The Loudest Voice” labored as a title, Metcalf stated, as a result of it described not solely Ailes and Fox. It in the end described Carlson, too.

“While it’s always Roger’s show, because it just is, her voice becomes paramount,” he stated. “Gretchen, at the end, has the loudest voice, not Roger.”

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