‘Game Of Thrones:’ Season 8 Is Suffering From One Simple Problem

A merciless dictatorship is stamping on the face of Westeros.


 Ever for the reason that showrunners of Game of Thrones ran out of A Song Of Ice And Fire chapters, there’s been a shift in high quality.

That shift was maybe inevitable – adapting a sequence of novels into compelling tv is a commendable talent, however showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss merely aren’t on the identical wavelength as George R.R. Martin. Though, a disappointing ending is best than none in any respect.

Detailing the regular decline of the present, which (arguably) started after Jon Snow’s resurrection, might fill a novella, however I believe the issue may be summarized succinctly – the world of Westeros is struggling below a dictatorship.  

This isn’t the merciless, drunken rule of Cersei Lannister, however a deeper tyranny that stems from above; it’s a dictatorship of the story. The story, having faithfully served the characters for a number of seasons, has gone mad, Targaryen-style, and is micromanaging the lives of the characters, forcing them to make illogical selections, to have clumsy conversations.

To define this level, let’s evaluate the beheading of Ned Stark, to that of Missandei, a current twist within the newest episode.

The Tragic Fate of Ned Stark

The starting and finish of Ned Stark’s journey was a direct results of the alternatives made by Ned and several other different characters. Pressured to depart the North and function Hand of the King by Robert Baratheon, an outdated buddy and an unquestionable authority, Ned was doomed from the second he left Winterfell. For Ned’s nearly aggressive the Aristocracy, his advantage, immediately sparked a sequence of conflicts in King’s Landing.

Ned Stark’s character was outlined by advantage; the person merely couldn’t ignore injustice, unwilling to compromise his moral code for anybody. This character trait is infinitely admirable, however it had no place within the capital of Westeros, the snake pit wherein he discovered himself.

After discovering the key parentage of Joffrey (Lannister) Baratheon, Ned was decided to do issues by the ebook, and rejected Littlefinger’s provide of a bootleg energy seize. His subsequent betrayal and arrest was a consequence of that unrelenting honor; Ned Stark was the one one enjoying by the principles, too pure-hearted for King’s Landing.

Joffrey, having just lately been topped king, made a stunning resolution, one which subverted the viewers’s expectations – we’re used to seeing the White Knight slay the depraved King.

But that call wasn’t merely for shock worth – it was a direct results of decisions made by the characters, decisions that stemmed from their particular person personalities; Cersei assumed she might tame her sociopathic son, underestimating simply how unhinged Joffrey actually was, blinded by motherly love.

Joffrey was instructed to spare Ned’s life and ship him to the Wall, to affix the Night’s Watch, however being each a spoilt little one and a psychopath, that call was by no means assured. Joffrey ordered the execution of Ned Stark not as a result of the plot demanded it, however as a result of it made good sense for him to take action.  

Joffrey was a baby, a merciless, vengeful, spoilt little one, who held authority over his mom and wished to wield it; the beheading got here at a shock to the viewers, however in hindsight, made good sense. Ned Stark stubbornly dug his personal grave, whereas Joffrey pushed him in. 

Strong characters result in nice storytelling – the toxic nature of politics was uncovered in that single scene, the Lannister’s hubris of crowning an unstable little one within the hope that he might be managed was uncovered, as was the idiocy of hereditary monarchy. It was an iconic second of tv, imbued with layers of depth, an final result inarguably dictated by the characters.

Now, let’s evaluate this scene with the beheading of Missandei.

The Forced Fate of Missandei

After surviving The Long Night (which lasted precisely one evening), Missandei was despatched to King’s Landing as a result of Daenerys didn’t need to let her troops relaxation. Daenerys’ vanity right here is kind of out of character; she appears to need to spite Sansa, a infantile motivation for a personality who has spent a number of seasons studying how one can be a peaceful and composed ruler.

Daenerys flies her dragons to King’s Landing, having “forgot about” the Iron Fleet, somehow failing to spot them from the sky. Her dragon is shot and killed, her fleet annihilated by Euron “Mary Sue” Greyjoy, and Missandei, an individual of nice significance to Daenerys, is one way or the other, captured by Queen Cersei.

Missandei is plucked out of the a whole lot of drowning troopers, even supposing nobody in King’s Landing would know who she is, and slaughtered by Cersei as an act of defiance.

Cersei is allowed to behave defiant; she has the higher hand right here, her dragon-killing crossbows pointed at Daenerys military, and at her brother Tyrion, who she just lately paid an murderer to kill.

But Cersei doesn’t kill Tyrion, regardless of having each motivation and alternative to take action,  killing Missandei as an alternative, who has fallen into her palms purely by likelihood, and whose demise triggers a burning rage in Daenerys.

Everything that occurred on this sequence of occasions was dictated by the plot, fairly than the characters. The plot demanded that the Long Night finish shortly, and pretty bloodlessly, so it did. The plot demanded that Daenerys lose her thoughts, so her finest buddy was positioned into Cersei’s palms and slaughtered. But the plot insisted on conserving Tyrion and Grey Worm alive, in order that Grey Worm might grieve and Tyrion might proceed his function within the story.

Since season 6 of Game of Thrones, there have been numerous examples of the plot dictating what the characters say and do. Why didn’t Sansa inform Jon that Littlefinger’s males have been coming to avoid wasting them? Why did the Faceless Men enable Arya to depart the House of Black and White? Why didn’t Bran inform Sansa earlier that Littlefinger was manipulating each her and Arya? Why did Jon Snow must put his life (and Daenerys’ dragon) on the road to seize a wight past the Wall? Why didn’t Tyrion merely order Bronn’s assassination after Bronn threatened and blackmailed him?

Because the story demanded it, that’s why. The story does because it likes, and the characters endure the results. There isn’t any justification left, no clarification, aside from that each character is being uncharacteristically silly.

It’s irritating, as a result of I truly like the concept of Daenerys descending into insanity. I like the concept of her triumphant return to Westeros not figuring out the way in which she envisioned. But the execution feels clumsy and rushed, fully devoid of that means.

What was the purpose of Missandei’s demise, aside from to spotlight that Daenerys is silly now? It feels as if there are plot factors on the horizon and the characters are speeding to fulfill them, pushed to meet their future as an alternative of arriving there themselves.

That being stated, a decline in high quality doesn’t imply that the present has stopped being gratifying. I nonetheless very a lot get pleasure from watching Game of Thrones. The distinction between now and again then is on the rewatch; whereas earlier seasons would reward the viewer upon nearer examination, the later seasons are higher left alone.  

On the brilliant aspect, at the very least we’re getting a conclusion to the saga; simply don’t take into consideration how we arrived there.

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